About Pyxel Edit

Pyxel Edit is a pixel art drawing application especially designed for working with tiles. Place tiles to form a level, edit them directly to see how they all work together, then export your tileset and the level data, and load it into your game. Tiles can even be flipped and rotated, still being editable and synced. This feature is inspired by the awesome Pixothello and Cosmigo Pro Motion, but taken one step further.

It also supports making animations, and exporting them as sprite sheets or animated GIFs.

Pyxel Edit is built in Adobe Air and runs on Mac and Windows. (it reportedly also runs well in Linux under Wine)

Free and paid versions

Pyxel Edit was originally a free program, and the free version is still available. However continued development to make it a more solid and full featured application has taken a lot of the developers time so the next big update will be paid. Initially there will be a discounted beta version available to support continued development. Buyers of the beta will get the normal priced later versions without further cost.

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The developer

Pyxel Edit is being developed by Daniel Kvarfordt, who you can contact at danik@[this domain] or on twitter at @Danik112.

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