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Pyxel Edit is currently in development, and is available as a beta version at a discounted price to support development. The price will then increase gradually with newer versions. Buying the beta now will get you all updates of the program for free, so get it while it's cheaper!

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Terms of Purchase

Hi there,

You are buying the current version of Pyxel Edit, and will get access to any future versions without paying anything extra. It is developed by one developer (me), and while I'm determined to make the application as good and complete as possible there is no guarantee that it will be completed, hence the lower price.

By purchasing a licence you may use the application on computers owned by you. You may not distribute it, or your key, to anyone else.

Pyxel Edit is currently in beta and most likely has bugs and errors. I do not take responsibility for any damage or losses (including but not limited to loss of time, work, sanity...) caused by the use of the application.

If you have any questions please send a message to

I hope you will find Pyxel Edit useful!

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Free version

Old Beta 0.2.22c (unsupported)

Note: This version lacks many features of the paid version (such as animation) has an outdated UI, but I'm still providing it here for those who want it.

Portable version (Win, 18mb)
Air installer (Win & Mac, 0.2mb)

The air version requires Adobe Air.

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Note: Due to new complicated taxation rules in the EU, Pyxel Edit is no longer available as a direct purchase. Instead it's available through Humble Widget. For that reason this list will sadly not be updated for new purchases!


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