Privacy Policy

Pyxel Edit Licenses

When you purchase a Pyxel Edit license we ask you to provide the following info:

  • Name or nickname
  • Email address

This data is neccessary in order for us to provide the service you have paid for: give access to your license page and downloads, provide support and give access to updates. Since the data is needed to provide the service you have paid for, it will be retained until you ask us to delete it. It is never shared with any other party.

When you access your license page, we also store the IP address as a safety measure to stop the page being accessed from too many different IPs in a short period of time, which could mean that the page link has leaked.

Humble Bundle

If the license was purchased through Humble Bundle, the associated key ("Humble key") will also be stored with your license in order to be able to provide access to your license again from your Pyxel Edit page on

Pyxel Edit Forums

When you are using the Pyxel Edit forums, we collect info such as your IP address and device data. When you post threads or comments on the forums, other users will be able to see your user name, avatar image, and posted content. Assume that all of this information will be public.

Your data

If you want an export of your data, change any of your data, or get all your data removed, just send an email to with your request. To be able to comply you will then need to prove you are the owner of the data by sending the request from the email address associated with the data.