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  • Nice, I'm really looking forward to that auto-save feature. Nobody likes losing work! I was really hoping the straight line drawing bug would get fixed in this version though. :/
  • It would be nice yes. Can you elaborate a bit on why you need it, is it for organization of many layers or to toggle visibility of multiple layers quickly? Yes please! This is a big feature I miss from Photoshop. If this was implemented in Pyxel …
  • You can't do it for multiple colors, but Pyxel Edit can already do this for single colors.Add your color to the palette (Use the "+" button in the Palette panel), then right-click on the swatch and choose "Replace color." You can…
  • Seconded! I'd really enjoy having a text tool.
    in Text Comment by willpowered June 2016
  • Here's a clearer example. 6x6 group of tiles using only the colors (255, 0, 0) and (0, 255, 0).(Image) Scaled down to 3x3 group of tiles, you can see the green color has changed. Bonus bug: Transforming a group of pixels will occasionally leave s…
  • There's a bug related to drawing straight lines using the shift key in this version.More info: http://pyxeledit.com/forum/discussion/688/drawing-straight-lines-is-inconsistent-0-4-0
  • Here's my newest tileset, made with Pyxel Edit and a little Photoshop.You can watch the making of it here! (Image)
  • How can I check which version of Adobe AIR I have? I'm on Windows, and in control panel -> programs and features it says I have version, which looks like a different versioning system than you're using.
  • I believe the maximum brush size limit is going to be increased in the next version, so currently there is no way to do this.However, you can work around it by drawing a 200x200 circle in MSPaint or another image editor, then copy/pasting it to Pyxe…
  • You can easily work around this- just add some tiles and then you can delete the blank tile 0, which is added by default to new documents.Then when you reidentify tiles, your empty tiles that would have mapped to blank tile 0 should now remain unmap…
  • I'll consider bringing other developers on the project or some kind of open source model. If this became open source, I would definitely contribute! No matter what happens, I'm still really looking forward to the next release. If you're at a roadbl…
  • Seconded! I registered on the forum today specifically to suggest this. (I mean, I'll probably make more suggestions later too, but today I'm here for this!) The problem for me is that when OpenGL goes to sample the color on the texture, it mistaken…