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  • @LeifMasrud: Nice introductory tutorial. Keep up the good work! A workflow/art focused tutorial from someone like @Simon would be brilliant! And maybe you could include some advanced tips and tricks from up your sleeve... I'd really like to see tha…
  • An intro video would be great!
  • Great! Just one thing, it should perhaps be possible to pick shading, lightness, saturation and hue colors by left-clicking on the variations without the whole gradient changing. The gradient change could be done by right clicking instead.
  • If you want to try Lab conversions, all the formulas you need with c# equivalents can be found at the end of this link: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/19045/Manipulating-colors-in-NET-Part-1 If not, I do agree with @Spitznagl when it comes to …
  • HSL looks the best. You might also want to consider converting the colors to Lab space. Lab space was specifically designed so that linear changes correspond to what the human eye perceives as a certain amount of color change. http://en.wikipedia.o…
  • Maybe the zooming could do with smaller increments as well. Instead of doubling the image-size each step, perhaps increments of 4 or 8 would be better?
    in Zooming? Comment by Ubu January 2014
  • A shade (darken/lighten)  tool could be displayed the way "Tile Studio" does it, by showing a gradient like this based on the selected color. It could fit just to the right of the "Remove the selected swatch" icon in the Palette …