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  • I have encountered this bug at least twice. The bug has been there quite a while though. I never reported the bug since it was random and when I was writing those bug reports, I was already forgotten this bug.
  • In Layer Edit option, Blend mode's drop-down list slider doesn't work when you try to drag it up or down with a mouse button. Clicking the slider's up or down arrows or using the mouse wheel works though.
  • Wow, that was fast. Thanks. Everything works great so far. Thanks a lot. Love the new features! Especially the Clean 1 pixel line option.
  • Just downloaded the new version. I found a small bug: Preset palettes "Arne 16" and "Arne 64" have same colors in them.
  • After a bit of testing the new updated version, these are bugs I have found so far.I also added some features I would like to see someday implemented. All of these are low priority. Nothing too critical. BUGS: Tool SwappingMost of the time when you …
  • Nice, everything works fine for me so far. Love the automatic switch to erase tool feature. "Fixed component focus issues with Tab traversal."Still not perfect but very bearable. Tabbing still focuses the upper part of the window (http://i…
  • Layer/Tile BugYou're right. Sorry, I'm still learning the program and some of its features are still new to me. Good job! This program rocks! :)