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  • Thanks, this has now been fixed for the next release.
    in Key "0" Comment by Danik August 14
  • Actually there is an issue in the error message dialog. If one tries to import a corrupt PNG, GIF or JPG image file they get the error you saw instead of a more descriptive error showing what actually went wrong. Could the files you tried importing …
    in Error #1009 Comment by Danik August 5
  • This is finally fixed, will be working in the next release.
  • There are no modifier keys left that are usable on both Win and Mac, but yeah maybe a tool specific hotkey such as Shift+C could be used. I can check if it can be done without complicating things too much.
  • Hi Weylon, sorry to hear that :/ Does it happen for all image files/formats? You can try using Help > Open storage folder, and renaming the Settings folder to something else, in case some persistent setting causes it to happen. If this works it w…
    in Error #1009 Comment by Danik August 5
  • Agreed. :smile: I have a lot of things like that I would like to implement. Hopefully I will get to it sometime.
  • Hi DarAnod, You can do this using Document > Resize canvas... and lowering "Tiles high".
  • Hi there! This is not possible I'm afraid. You have to edit each frame manually at the moment. Some kind of "automation" track for animating opacity etc. would be cool though.
  • My time and energy is pretty limited so unfortunately I have to focus my efforts on development. There are some tutorials in the Learn section on the main site, but I agree more learning materials would be really good. https://pyxeledit.com/learn.php
  • Sounds like an issue with writing the data to disk. Are you on Windows or Mac? Does other settings seem to get saved, such as window size, recent documents etc? You can try Help > Open storage folder to see the data saved by the application. One …
  • Hi, thanks for the excellent report and sorry for the slow response. I will look into the issue soon. The repro file doesn't seem to have got attached successfully, could you email it to me at support@pyxeledit.com?
  • You can switch to the eraser by right clicking on a transparent area already (if "Auto switch to eraser tool" is enabled in the options). Your idea is interesting, although I worry that it could be easy to do by accident.
  • Hi there, sorry for the slow response. Yes that's possible! Send me an email at support@pyxeledit.com and I'll help you.
  • That would be nice! I might not be super responsive on there though but I can try my best. :smile:
  • Yeah it's still true that work on the application is very slow. Partly because of issues with AIR (which might actually get better now that Harman has taken over the platform), but mostly because of my lack of time. Since that post the big issues wi…
  • I agree, I'll try to add that in the next release.
  • Thank you. I will fix that for the next release.
  • Thank you Toque. I'm glad that bug is gone, it was a bad one.
    in 4.9 is great Comment by Danik April 24
  • Thanks, I'll fix that.
  • As Joe pointed out you can emulate layered tiles by stacking tile instances on layers and using the animation frame tool to copy the complete layered tile. I agree it would be useful to have tiles with layers inside of them, but early on it was dec…
  • Hi, yes I can take a look and see if I'm able to fix it.
    in Pure White Bug Comment by Danik March 13
  • That's a good point!
  • Unfortunately I don't think I have any way to change the label on the OS save dialog through the API I'm using. I agree that's misleading though.
  • We handled this over email but I'll respond here too for others with the same problem. Error 3001 means "File or directory access denied". Something is preventing the application from saving the file. This could be that the user account d…
    in I can't save. Comment by Danik March 13
  • Hi, sorry about that, there was a technical issue. Your link should work now.
  • Hi Armand, I responded to the email you sent to support, hopefully it will get sorted soon. / Daniel
  • Interesting idea. I see how that could be useful if you are using wide frames for example. More features mean more complexity though, but I'll give it some thought.
  • Hi there! Yes, there is a bug which causes frame timings to get offset when exporting as animated GIF. Sorry about that! I will fix it for the next release.
  • That's really weird. Were you able to activate the license for the program when it first started? Are you running on Windows or Linux using Wine?
  • Sorry about that. Error #3001 means File or directory access denied. Does it work if you try saving to anther location? Are you on Win or Mac? Newer versions of macOS are pretty fussy about file permissions. Saving to a folder that's synced with Goo…