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  • Hi Celena, Please try the following: Pyxel Edit won't start, or just shows a gray screen. What should I do? Try the following: Delete the application storage directory to fully reset the application in case some settings got corrupted: Windows: C…
  • I'm aware of this issue on Windows, but sadly I don't know of a solution. This also happens on my machine in the latest version of Windows 10, so I know how frustrating it is. The platform used by Pyxel Edit (Adobe Air) doesn't give access to low l…
  • If you didn't already get this resolved please send an email to support@pyxeledit.com and I will help you asap.
  • It's true that development has been standing still for a long time now, and I'm sorry about that. My day job is taking most of my energy, and there are issues with the platform (Adobe Air) that I don't know how to work around which is demotivating. …
  • @Lulampo You should be able to download it for Mac from either the Humble page or the license page on this site, is it not working for you?
  • Thank you maruko, I appreciate that.
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  • Awesome! Nice smooth music.
  • Yes, the Save as prompt for a file that was recently opened is a but, I'm sorry about that. It will be fixed in the next release. @AeroDarryl, that sounds like a different problem. Is this with File>Save as, or one of the options under File>E…
  • Hi there, not in a convenient way currently, you have to copy them one by one. You can select them all and copy, but then you lose the tile references. You could use the "Reidentify tiles" option to get the references back though.
  • Yeah, it's a workaround for a very annoying bug for Adobe Air on Mac. I have submitted a bug report to Adobe here https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/AIR-4198693. Feel free to vote on it to get their attention. Does it start working if you follow the i…
  • The frame manager tool allows you to copy and paste entire frames including content in all layers, but to copy a frame to the clipboard you would need to select the frame with the selection tool and use Copy merged.  Regarding multi layer select, c…
  • Hi JulioMaister, could you give some more details? Do you get a crash report when it happens?
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  • Credit card and PayPal are the only options currently I'm afraid. Maybe you could get a friend to help you?
  • Good to hear that. You can also get there through a link that should be at the top of your Humble page, it will take you to your page on pyxeledit.com.
  • Yep, that should be the default. Can you find PyxelEdit.exe there and run it? Installing Adobe Air in not needed by the way.
  • Hi Haplo, sorry about not getting back to you about this. I debugged the problem using your test file and I have identified the bug. I will PM you a link to a build you can test to verify the fix.
  • Since you used the installer I assume you are on Windows. Do you remember the path where you installed it (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\PyxelEdit)? You should be able to just run it from there. It should also add an item in your list of installed …
  • I'm assuming this is for the unsupported free version since the new one doesn’t need Adobe Air installed. I remember there were such problems with Air installer version for some users but I don’t think we found a definitive solution. For some people…
  • Hi there, the 32 bit version should work better in Wine, so if this is with the 64 bit version I suggest you try that instead. It's available from your download page on this site, but not from the page on Humble Bundle.
  • Is this the old free version of the program? In the later versions you shouldn't be able to close windows, only collapse them. You can try clearing the application settings from the storage directory, which you'll find here: Windows: C:\Users\[user…
  • Hi, this seems to happen when "Tiles as separate files" is checked and the tileset has a lot of tiles. Exporting as a single image should work better. I'll look into solving this, thanks for letting me know about the problem.
  • Yeah, I have the same issue here, thanks for reporting it. I will investigate! Custom key bindings don't work that great yet...
  • Yep, I'm aware of the issue. Will be fixed in the next release, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Thanks for the report. Does the issue persist when you save and re-open the document? If you could email me a document that has the issue that would help a lot in debugging it (support@pyxeledit.com).
  • Thanks for the report, and the repro file you emailed. I will investigate when I get a chance.
  • @May747 Yes, a GUI is definitely much more practical for customizing the bindings. Editing a json file is very cumbersome and error prone. @Davemon Sorry, there is no way to bind mouse clicks though the json file at the moment I'm afraid.
  • You could use the Offset tool to move it each frame. The contents that leave the tile will wrap around on the other side, but you can clean that up afterwards.
  • I see. Not sure why that would happen. Here is a link to the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lemy0lcro6axnjp/SettingsReadme.txt