Some fanart for pyxeledit

WeslomPoWeslomPo Posts: 23
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  • DanikDanik Posts: 800
    Slick interface! Wish I had the time and skill to make something like it. Pyxel Edit uses AsWing for the UI which might not be that easy to customize like this. Very nice though.
  • Awesome work, may I ask what software you use to make this interface, haha , was curious, it really looks too good, love the work. if that comes to real, I will fade for some hours because of over happiness.
  • I use Inkscape for UI and PS for effects and composition (like blur, shadows).
  • I'd love if this was the actual UI. 

  • Would it be possible in the future for somebody to make there own UI for Pyxel Edit / or some sort of Plugin Tool.
  • vedioboyvedioboy Posts: 30
    I honestly think that the current UI is perfect.
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