[0.3.108] Layers disappearing.

inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
edited August 2014 in Bug reports
Sometimes the layers in the Layers panel will disappear. Usually when pressing one of the buttons in said panel. I can't really say if there's a pattern to it or what causes it specifically. It just happens sometimes. The actual layers in the document are still there, and you can delete and add new ones as usual, you just can't see the layers in the panel.


  • RapuRapu Posts: 10
    I have encountered this bug at least twice. The bug has been there quite a while though. I never reported the bug since it was random and when I was writing those bug reports, I was already forgotten this bug.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Thanks, I'll look into it. Resizing the panel slightly fixes it so it's likely a problem with the panel layout.
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