PyxelEdit Tutorial - Basics

LeifMasrudLeifMasrud Posts: 2
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Hello everybody! I've recorded a tutorial for PyxelEdit covering what I would consider the basic core functions. You can find it here: PyxelEdit Tutorial - Basics.

I'm planning on creating a few more tutorial videos to go over more advanced features like animations, transformations, gradients, etc. If anybody has some specific requests, let me know. I'll do my best to cover everything!  Questions, comments, and criticism are welcome.  :)


  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    So you were faster then me! :D 

    I was planning to make a tool run down and a feature explaining video myself, oh well :D

    About the video: I like it very much! 

  • SouriSouri Posts: 13
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    Hey there, that was great! Really liked that it was a real working example for tile mapping.

    You covered pretty much everything, although I think you should've mentioned the offset tool though! It looks like it has a greater purpose in tile mapping.
  • Mercy404Mercy404 Posts: 2
    Nice introduction, looking forward to more! Always great to see this sort of stuff.
  • I'm working with Daniel to create a few more tutorials that get into more details. I had a lot of fun doing this tutorial, so I'm looking forward to more. Any requests from the community are more than welcome!

    As for the offset tool, I'm actually a bit at a loss as to what to do with it. I'm actually quite new at working with pixel art and tilesets, so I'm learning a lot as I go. Does anybody have a good explanation of how best to use the offset tool?
  • SouriSouri Posts: 13
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    The offset tool is pretty straight forward - like it suggests, it'll change the offset of a tile. You can shift a tile across and it'll wrap around on the other side as well. Really useful, and to do it via copy and paste would be really tedious.

    An example for its use would be, say, you've made a tile and whoops! It doesn't line up with another tile you've worked elsewhere (it happens!). Just use the offset tool to shift it across and its done.

    Or maybe you've finished your tiles for your ground texture, and you realise later that they all need to be adjusted a pixel or two across to accomodate some new changes or to look neater. Maybe you're still mocking-up and you're rearranging how your textures look. Offset tool to the rescue!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Nice work, really clear and pedagogical! Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this.

    Simon: Maybe you could make a more workflow/art focused kind of tutorial? I know you have a lot of experience with the program (probably more than anyone) so I think it would be interesting to see how you approach things!
  • UbuUbu Posts: 10
    @LeifMasrud: Nice introductory tutorial. Keep up the good work!

    A workflow/art focused tutorial from someone like @Simon would be brilliant! And maybe you could include some advanced tips and tricks from up your sleeve... I'd really like to see that and to learn from a pro!
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    Okay I think about something that goes a bit deeper then this great beginner tutorial. :)
  • Thank you for the tut it was really useful :)
  • DanieleDaniele Posts: 12
    Great tutorial Leif. And Simon, I want to see yours — especially if you are Robotality's Simon as I think you are: I love Halfway's graphics incredibly much! :)
  • tafkatfostafkatfos Posts: 1
    Cheers for this :)
  • DesothoDesotho Posts: 1
    Is there a way to cycle to the color palette (1 forward/back) by keyboard commands? I used this with Deluxe Paint to select another color and it would normally be faster then always click on the palette.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Interesting idea, I might add that.
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