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Ok, so I got tired of being a lurker here and I thought I could kick off an interesting thread that other lurkers could post in as well! I've seen others mention their projects around various threads on this forum, and there are some really talented folks using Pyxel. So, why not have a thread where we can introduce ourselves, mention what we're working on, and share how we found Pyxel and why we chose it?

I'll start. I am an old school pixel artist. Started off with Koala Pad on the C64 attached to a blurry TV, and using a joystick to pixel. 16 colours, 320x200 px resolution, no layers, one undo, can't use more than 2 colours per 8x8 pixel block etc. And then it was Deluxe Paint on the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. I was part of the demoscene during the Amiga years, and you can see some of my pixel art here:

(if you're curious on finding more, you can read about that art here:

I had a hiatus from pixel art for more than 20 years, and I'm now delving right back with plans for my own games!

Why I chose Pyxel - I got real tired of using Photoshop to muck around with pixel art. The most common short cuts I used was b for pencil, option for eyedropper, e for erasor etc, and it's certainly not optimum or comfortable to have your hands over those keys all the time, particularly since they are so spreaded out. I looked around for an alternative, but since I'm on Mac, my choices were pretty limited.

After some time with Google search, Pyxel was clearly miles better than anything else available for Mac, and after using it for the first few minutes, I was completely blown away by how great it is for pixel and 2D game art. I mean, it was MADE for pixel art. The keyboard shortcuts (E,D, space are my mostly used keys), mouse buttons (right mouse click for eyedropper? Pure genius!), scroll wheel, are all geared for super fast pixel work, and the animation and tiling abilities are superb (and I'm especially looking forward to the next update!). The colour presets are a really nice touch as well (although it would be great to have DawnBringer's 16 and 32 colour palettes in there! ;))

Anyway, I'm really happy with Pyxel and super excited to see what's coming. So, introduce yourselves, link your work, and write a few words about Pyxel! :)


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    Wow, that's some stunning work there! I'd love to see some of your new stuff :)

    As for myself... I used to mess around with mspaint when I was a kid. One of my earliest memories of using a computer is when my dad brought home a huge 286 tower to do some work on over one weekend. I was about 7 and I remember the thing be almost as tall as i was (although I'm sure thats just my imagination). Anway, suffice to say he didn't get a lot of work done that weekend as me and my sister pretty much just played with paint the whole time! I think i remember the windows 3.1 version of paint only had two zoom levels, normal and pixel view that showed a grid, which amazed me, you could actually see how graphics were made!!
    Anyway, from there I went onto copying screenshots out of gameboy magazines (usually legend of zelda stuff like the intro to links awakening (that's not my copy btw :P)) as well as making my own little animated icons and gifs with lots of bad pillow shading that I thought was rad as they used more than 16 colours.
    Skip forward 20 years and here I am now, having not really done much pixel art since. It is surprising how much you can remember though!

    I'm currently working on a cyberpunk rpg in my spare time (i'm a server side engineer at a games company by day), I originally had another artist helping out but he's been unable to do as much as we'd hoped due to various reasons. So I am undertaking a bunch of the art stuff myself, which means it needs to be basic which eventually led me to a pixel style. I wanted to avoid this initially as *all* (some) indie games use pixel art. so i've been searching for a unique style, which I think I've found but still have to develop (my dithering needs a bunch of work and practice).

    (click for full size)




    I'm super happy I managed to find pyxel after ages of trying out all sorts of other editors. It's the only one that I've found that is easy to use, isn't janky and is super quick to work with. The features in the next release look really promsing :D
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums!
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