Image sizing?

So Ive started using Pyxel art just a while ago so im pretty much a beginner at it soo far but my question is what is good sizing for image width and height to use when making a canvas? The pixel that im working on is almost finished but I want to import it into GIMP to edit by adding text but when I opened it in GIMP it was tiny and had to zoom in 1000% to have it show big.
This is as the heart at the bottom but I want it to show as big as this almost.


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    It depends on where you want to use the art when it's done, and at what scale, so it's hard to say. If want different sprites/images to fit together I recommend checking their relative scale by having them in the same document as reference.
  • hello Danik, can you please give me a detailed guide?
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    When you export the image, there should be an option near the top that says something to the effect of:
    Pixel Scale
    (May be different depending on language)

    Changing the Pixel Scale to a higher number will export it as a larger image. For example...
    This is the unaltered version.

    This one was exported at a scale of 6
    The best place to seek a guide when it comes to ideal sizing is where ever the art is going to be displayed. For example, Youtube has a few guides on image optimization (sizes and such) for banners. Keep in mind that pixel art is best scaled in whole numbers. So you would want to scale an image to 200% rather then 150%. Starting with a larger canvas grants you more opportunity to put in detailed work... but can be daunting for starting out with pixel art.

    (p.s. sorry about the horde symbol, was the smallest/simplest image I had available to use as an example.)
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