Can we seriously not select/move multiple layers at once?

I picked up Pyxel Edit because I'm having a common canvas lag issue in Aseprite that no one has been able to fix yet. I like a lot about Pyxel Edit, but I cannot figure out how to 1) select multiple layers, and 2) move multiple layers at once. I thought maybe if I grouped them I could move the group, but I can't figure out how to get that working either. I have a head with the face and the hair on separate layers. I need to move the entire head down a little but and the facial features are already where I want them. This should be super simple to do but I can't figure it out.

Also, to hijack my own post, is there also not an alpha lock feature? once i have my silhouette figured out and base colors down, I like to lock the alpha as I work on shading.


  • Just the same thing happens to me, I think it is a feature that I should have, because it delays the work a lot.
  • JoeCreatesJoeCreates Posts: 24
    edited September 2021
    I've implemented offsetting my layer groups which is currently in my dev build. working together some other things which I'll work with danik into a release soonish (although I'm really busy with doing art for a game launching in December, so that's top priority)

    This offseting can apply to the transforms as well as the rasters, so you can create modular animations.

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