Tiles with all layers.

For now tiles work only with one layer, but in would be very (VERY) useful if tiles can be inherit all layers. For example - I draw ground tile using several layers (stones, grass, shadows,highlight), now I want to make a tile in tiles window. But for now I can only make I one layer instance, so I need merge all layer in one and then make tile and place instances. But it is useful for future edit to have all layers separately (stones, grass, shadows,highlight) not only one merged-all-on-one.
This feature very urgent for editors who used many layers instead one.


  • If you need every layer copied then you can use the "animation frame manager" tool. This can copy a tile as all layers keeping them separated.
  • NeznaikaNeznaika Posts: 35
    This is right for making copy, not instance. I have 50 tiles instance of base stone tile, and I want edit base tile (4 layers) and see changes at 50 tiles instances.
  • You can just instance the tile on each layer then copy with the animation tool still.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    As Joe pointed out you can emulate layered tiles by stacking tile instances on layers and using the animation frame tool to copy the complete layered tile.

    I agree it would be useful to have tiles with layers inside of them, but early on it was decided that having layers with tiles was more versatile and intuitive than having tiles with layers. I can see layers in tiles working though but I think they would need to be special tiles that are essentially an embedded canvas (like smart layers in Photoshop). 
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