Vertical Animation toggle

I just thought that it could be useful for some animators.

Instead of making just one column tin the document o be able to animate vertically, or, if you want to check that certain animations are aligned correctly, there could be a way to make the frames to be organized vertically as well, maybe a button that changes from H to V beside the animation name... Not 100% sure about this because I'm not too well versed on the work that goes into making these, but it was just a suggestion :3 


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Interesting idea. I see how that could be useful if you are using wide frames for example. More features mean more complexity though, but I'll give it some thought.
  • NeznaikaNeznaika Posts: 35
    I think it would be better create new ability for animation - create custom frame sequence. Not only for vertical or horizontal strip, but some sequence of frame from different places from character animation atlas. Tools for that things may be looks like a adding tiles for tiles window, but in our cause in will be Editor Animation Frames for selected animation.
  • SazdxSazdx Posts: 7
    I agree with that as well, make it a bit more manageable to add frames or skip frames for animations  instead of moving all of the contents from all layers into a previous or following frame completely manually. Is it messy? yes, definitely XD, but exporting would get the correct order and, at least for sketching and adding or removing frames without erasing the image and just skipping said frame would be interesting to test out =)
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