Lost your artwork? Don't panic! It's not gone!

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Just today I discovered that Pyxel Edit has been autosaving my projects to: C:/Users/[MY_USER_NAME]/AppData/Roaming/PyxelEdit/Local Store/Autosave

If you've lost a .pyxel file somehow and are dreading the thought of going back to re-do it, please check this folder! I found over a gig of data- 3561 files- in mine, one for every 30 minutes I spent in Pyxel Edit these the last 2 years. (though I believe the default interval is actually 10 minutes, so you may have more!)

Absolutely over the moon, some of these I thought I'd lost forever., hope this helps somebody else find theirs.


  • This helped, as I accidentally hit a few buttons on my keyboard, reverting my progress back by approximately 24 hours, however I found my back-up saves in a different location. 

    While in the Pyxel program, select the 'Help' tab at the top, then go to 'Open Storage Folder.' There you'll find your autosave back-up files.
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