Can't move or paste without breaking image

I drew my image in the wrong part of the canvas so want to move it (or crop) but literally can't figure out how.
If I select the content free transform and move it then press enter it breaks.
Same thing occurs if I hold cmd to move, or even cut and paste.

Part of the image is made up of proper tiles, so I can imagine that could cause an issue but this is a complete dealbreaker. Only bought the software a few days ago and I'm like well, it's unusable then.
Maybe there's some trick to it?

Running on a mac, using version 0.4.9


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    That looks very odd. I suspect it happens because of the tile mappings though, they can be a bit counter intuitive. You can display the mapping by pressing Tab. When you paste, the tile mappings do not follow, so if you paste a grey part onto one of the mapped tiles, all instances of the tile will become gray. I plan to implement a way to more easily move chunks of tiles in the canvas, but for now you can use Document > Resize canvas, choose the bottom right pivot point and decrease the number of tiles in order to crop away rows or columns from the top/left of the canvas.
    If something else is going on then it might be a bug. If so it would be great if you could provide me the steps to reproduce it and I will investigate.
  • Ah, when I watch the tile mappings I can see that they don't move with the rest of the design, so that is the nature of the bug.
    The resize idea would possibly be a solution but not if you're only trying to move one layer.
  • pladariapladaria Posts: 4
    Is it possible to select and move tiles?
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