Is Pyxel Edit Dead?

The last announcement was a year ago, and there wasn't even an announcement made about the latest version (0.4.8). Has development on this product halted?


  • TheMnkTheMnk Posts: 35
    It is going at such a slow pace that it may seem dead, it's true.
    I suppose if the program were dead, the developer would inform it in the forum.
    It's a shame because it's a great program that deserves at least 3 or 4 updates a year.
    I guess the developer does not have the necessary time.
  • It's a shame. It had a lot going for it, and so much potential. But now that Aseprite has a Tileset Editor being added soon, I don't think Pixel Edit is going to stay in my toolkit.
  • MosesMoses Posts: 1
    I re-downloaded it recently after not having had it in like 2 years. I didn't see any new features and I just wanted to get quickly started with pixel art again. I looked up aseprite and liked what I saw, purchased it, and I can honestly say that I like it much more than pyxel edit.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    It's true that development has been standing still for a long time now, and I'm sorry about that. My day job is taking most of my energy, and there are issues with the platform (Adobe Air) that I don't know how to work around which is demotivating.

    I have not given up development though. I know a lot of people like the program and find it useful, and I will do my best to deliver on the features that are planned and fix the biggest issues. I have some thoughts and ideas on how to continue after that, maybe on another platform, and maybe getting more people involved in the development.

    I will be on vacation from my job later this summer, and I have planned to spend some focused time on Pyxel Edit then.
  • nekofluxnekoflux Posts: 3
    @Danik have you considered moving off of adobe air to html5? electron makes it really easy to ship native apps in a chrome container:

    If you have any interest in this, happy to help. I have 20 years of experience building stuff for the web, and would be glad to breathe some life into pyxeledit (it's a great program!)
  • andreyinandreyin Posts: 1
    I'm glad to see the project isn't entirely dead. I've been using GraphicsGale for the past 10 years and I've been looking for a tool to switch to. I tried Aseprite but it just didn't do it for me. I love Pyxel Edit's tilemap options, more specifically how I can import a png and have it sliced to create a tileset. The only thing missing for me is the ability to select multiple tiles, like Tiled does (you can right-click and drag to create a brush of the selected tiles, it's great).
  • This is my go-to tool for tile maps. I use aseprite for animation stuff. I really love this tool for doing tilemaps. I hope you keep at it. 
  • @Danik This may be a good candidate for some crowd funding?  Or, making it an open source project?  This is such an excellent program and I believe there would be a lot of support to help in other ways.
  • I would definitely contribute to crowd funding, despite the fact that I've already bought a couple pyxel edit licenses. I'm also really into open source development and would _love_ an opportunity to hack away on pyxel for the improvement of everyone.
  • I would like to echo the idea of making it open source. Aesperite manage to make it work, and make money. I mean, I used to develop using Adobe tools back in the day, so it would be a project I could actually contribute to...
  • RaseruRaseru Posts: 2
    Yeah if it was open source we might see some cool changes. Drives me crazy sometimes that we don't have a Replace Color feature to test colors on the fly.
  • If anyone wants to collaborate on an open source alternative, maybe using pyxel edit as inspiration, I'd be open to contributing on that. I've created a placeholder reposistory for it on github:

    I invite anyone that's interested in participating with design/implementation to start opening issues there. :smiley:
  • teraskasiteraskasi Posts: 3
    edited August 2019
    I just want to say that I love PyxelEdit's interface and controls more than other programs. I've seen people on Twitch using Aseprite, and it seems alright, but I've tried it out and didn't like the controls. I also have Pro Motion NG and it's just way too different for me to get used to coming from programs like Krita/PS/Paint.
    PyxelEdit's interface is so lightweight and simple, it's easy to understand right away and get to work. There's only a few features I wish it had. (isometric tiles to name one.) Really this program is wonderful.

    So I look forward to seeing more development!

  • I just came to say that I'm super excited that development isn't dead! @Danik I totally understand your frustrations, but I think a lot of us would love to help. Your tool is so damn good as it is, I can't imagine how great it could be with just a little extra dev time and bug fixes. Please reach out to your fans help! Once you figure out a way around the adobe air issue, I bet you'd feel a lot more motivated! <3
  • pverflowpverflow Posts: 2
    edited September 2019
    @Danik Hi i really love Pyxel Edit! And i think it is the most intuitive one of all the pixelart software versions i tried. (even on android tablets) To be completely honest. I think it doesn't miss much to become the gold standard for pixelart. (dither/normal gradient tool, isometric perspective grid, shading tools) Though i am really wondering if you are not stuck in the sunken cost fallacy. Because im pretty sure you could get the basics up and running on another platform other then adobe air quite fast. I would like to encourage you as all the other people here to continue. I would even buy it all over again. There is just no good alternative to Pyxel edit (clean and intuitive ui, standard shortcuts and ease of use (photoshop like controls). Also im sure there are a lot of devs that would help you if you just reached out. Maybe do a Kickstarter/Patreon to help get you "in the mood." :smile: 

  • @Danik I love Pyxel Edit, and it is already an essential application for me and I hope it will be more useful. I hope that the development of Pyxel Edit will lead to Danik's profit and can be developed stably. I would be willing to invest if I wanted to raise money at Kickstarter / Patreon. ? ?
  • oh fuck i made a bad investment? i buy this before aseprite because i think was growing but the developer dont respond since 2019 XD
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