First time making pixelart

PooteriPooteri Posts: 1
So I recently started learning how to make pixelart, since I need it for a game I'm making. This is my first attempt at making a character for it. Please point out what's wrong with it, and how I can improve. :)


  • XaverusXaverus Posts: 2
    I don't really think there's anything wrong with it, Pixel art comes in many different styles, it's more down to if YOU like it :)
  • I think that's really good. Looks like you have the light coming from behind and above him? But it's definitely a lot better than my apple.
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1
    One thing you can do to try and improve on this style is instead of outline in black, select a darker shade of the colour you're outlining.

    Whilst the sword on the right has clearly defined borders, it appears flatter and more persistent than the sword on the left where the use of coloured outlines helps demonstrate the shape of the object better without being so distracting. 

    There are times where you might want the effect provided by the first style but I'd argue against using it for characters and saving it for objects that need to be clearly visible against a noisier background.
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