Release 0.4.7

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Pyxel Edit 0.4.7 is now available, and brings some critical fixes and improvements.

- Fixed bug that caused a save failure when saving a document with a canvas smaller than the document tile size.
- Fixed bug that sometimes resulted in incorrect alpha when loading user defined palettes.
- Removed the background tint for windows that hide the document when it shouldn't, such as when adjusting layer blend mode or opacity.
- Fixed layer blend mode not getting copied on duplicate.
- Fixed stroke masking becoming incorrect, making it impossible to draw outside the current frame, after moving the mouse over the frame edit view with an active selection.
- Workaround for the copy/paste bug on MacOS 10.13. The issue has been reported to Adobe:

- Position the new layer above the current layer instead of at the top of the list on duplication.
- Use imported file as the document path and name when importing images or animated GIFs, for easier re-saving.
- More accurate tile and pixel grid rendering at low magnification.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 897
    If you are on MacOS 10.13, please let me know if the copy paste issue workaround helps for you. Particularly if it doesn't help!

    The issue appears to happen consistently right after booting, when using copy and paste in PE without copying anything else in another application first. Copying anything else, such as some text, seems to fix it. The issue is now detected by PE when it happens and a helper dialog is shown.
  • LulampoLulampo Posts: 2
    Quando vou instalar no MAC 10.14.5 da erro de instalador com problema. Teria um pacote que possa me enviar para instalar no MAC?
  • i purchased pyxel edit but i only got the receipt sent to me nothing else what do i do??

  • WHlTEHE4DWHlTEHE4D Posts: 3
    When will we see an update to the color picker that add HSV/HSB? That's the only thing left I want from this program and it can't be that hard to implement.
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