Groups/folders for layers

Could you make it possible to put layers in separate groups? When I'm working on some bigger project it with many layers, it would be nice if it was possible to organize those layers.


  • I agree, this would be very helpful. As I enjoy using the program, although it's difficult as a single sprite for me can take up 5-20 different layers, and that's only for one view for my character sprite (I have 3 more views to work on, in the same file). Also being able to turn toggle the view, and manipulate all the files within a folder would be great. As I'm currently having to move them all separately.
  • SkriptaSkripta Posts: 8
    I just can join the plea for this option! It would make the workflow even smoother!
  • Yeah, folders would be very useful
    this is the only feature that I look for that isn't in the program, haha
  • NomiNomi Posts: 7
    Was just going to create this request... it's a major problem to me as I'm used to work with tons of Layers and love to have different Characters in one file :)
  • ixbayixbay Posts: 15
    +1 should most probably give a more relaxed feel when theres a mass of layers going on since they'll all seem so packed, organized and just, NICE :smile: 
  • Sorry for the bump, but I've recently been working on character sprites with multiple outfits,
    Layer folders would make the process 1000x better, as I currently have multiple layers for head, torso and legs all in the same document, its a bit cluttered having to scroll up and down through the list of layers
  • sulcatasulcata Posts: 4
    +1 for this. Thanks!
  • This is an excellent request, and something that would really help out! And i would even like to add to this idea.

    Export 'Folders as separate files', just like how it can now do layers as separate files.

    Working on a project in which the player, their weapon, armor, helm, shield and other gear are separate files, i came to the issue that it's much easier to animate the player in layers (front- and back arms and legs, torso, head, tail, etc.), but this eliminates the option to export layers as files, because it'd also chop up the poor player sprite!
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