Changing Predefined Shortcuts and Shortcut List

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Hey everybody,

I very often open accidentally the "Document" drop down menu (shortcut "Alt" + "D") because you need to press and hold the "Alt" key to select the color picker tool.

Is there a possibility to change the predefined shortcuts? And to do so has anyone a list with all shortcuts so that I don't double occupy a shortcut?

During my research I found the post about "Settings and Options for Shortcuts"
but unfortunately the "color picker" shortcut is not listed and if it was, I didn't know which other shortcut I would mess up if I would assign it to the "Ctrl" key for example.

Best regards,


  • BredjoBredjo Posts: 10
    Sorry I messed up the category. How can I move this discussion to "Questions"? There is no option in the edit mode. Or am I blind ^^?
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    The color picker is available for rebinding, it's called "quick_pick_color_action"

    btw. I've moved the discussion to "Questions" ;)
  • BredjoBredjo Posts: 10
    Thank you @CandyFace that should help :). But I also noticed lately that I can simply use the right mouse click to get to the color picker and that really speeds up the workflow. And I accidentally no longer open menus.
    Out of curiosity, is it also possible to change the menu shortcuts? For example the shortcut for the "Document" menu: "Alt" + "D" to "Ctrl" + "D"?
    Also thanks for moving the thread :)  
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    All possible bindings can be found in the readme file, you may be able to find some menu actions but I don't think all of them are available.
  • BredjoBredjo Posts: 10
    Yes, I checked the readme file and the shortcut for the "Documents" menu is not listed there.
    But everything is faster when using the right mouse click anyway :)
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