SOLVED How to copy paste? I am a big noob.

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Hello, I am a fresh beginner when it comes to pixel art (art in general...) but I wanted to start learning some and decided to use Pyxel edit, I thought it looked nice.

What I am trying to do is import two 32*32 pictures, and then copy them onto a new canvas with two tiles on it to make a 2 frames animation. But I can't seem to be able to copy the pictures and then past them onto the new one, how to do this?

Thanks =)


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    Hi there!
    The easiest way is probably to import the two images with Import > Image, then create a new tiled document with enough frames, and then using the selection tool to select and copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the images into the new document.

    If the images are exactly the same size, you can also import them into a open document with File>Import>Import tiled image, and chosing "Identify tiles" and "Tiles to current document". In this case the tile size in the document must be the same size as the images.

  • Ok, thanks, I know what I did wrong now. I got both ways to work now.
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    Good to hear :)
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