Oversized objects in tileset

toktiktoktik Posts: 1
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to pyxel and pixel-art. I'm working on a game and I want to draw and generate tileset with Pyxel, but the problem is that I have a buildings bigger than tile size. 

I'm considering to have them as a single big object or breaking them into standard sized tiles. However there are problems with both I think.
As for single big objects in tilesets, I'm not sure if Pyxel supports generating tileset with different sizes and also rendering would be a problem (objects behind/ahead). The problem with standard sized tiles are that I need to store reference for each building from code to tile id, and it would lead to complex code.

What's your general feeling about this? Any tips?


  • DanikDanik Posts: 782
    Hi toktik, It depends on your needs. There is no way to have differing tile/object sizes in a single document in Pyxel Edit I'm afraid. You could create your bigger objects out of smaller tiles (good if you wan't to make variations, but a bit cumbersome in PE at the moment since you can just select/place one tile at a time), or you could have a separate document with a different tile size. In the latter case they would export to different files/tilesets which might or might not be a problem with your asset workflow.
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