Surface Pro 4 Stylus

The surface pro 4 has a stylus with a built in eraser on its back side. Currently it counts both the drawing and erasing sides of the stylus as the same input/button (they both draw in this case). Is there a way on my end to configure it so that I can use the eraser as an eraser? If not, is there any hope of having the feature added in after the next update?

Thank you for your time.


  • GrofitGrofit Posts: 10
    I am getting a suface pro with pen shortly and I would love to be able to make use of it within pyxel edit, has this been added or is it still outstanding?
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    I too have a Surface Pro 4. I wanted to use PyxelEdit with the stylus. And yes the eraser doesn't count as one. I wish at least the button on the side of the stylus could be use as the right click, like for picking color...

    So for now I'll have to use a mouse, as before. Shame... Hope @Danik will have time to add some active stylus features. ( @Danik , I can test them if you need :smile: )
  • tjiani111tjiani111 Posts: 3
    Yes please!
  • byrdbyrd Posts: 1
    This functionality is still wanted!

    I recently bought Pyxel Edit for my Surface Pro 7. I assumed the program would work with my stylus functionality when I bought it. Sadly it does not. Any idea if it is possible to get the stylus buttons to work with your program? Especially side button for erase would be amazing.


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