How to turn 4 16x16 tiles into a single 32x32

       I am brand new to pixel art, and so far I have found this tool very useful. I had been working on some 16x16 tiles with the intention of combining 4 into a single 32x32, as I found working on smaller tiles to be a less daunting task. However, I have no Idea how to combine these smaller tiles into the tile size I want. I would love to be able to essentially copy and paste my 16x16 tiles and still maintain their pixel count and actual size, I'd rather not have to re-create my tiles. Keep in mind that I am very new to this so I might have just made a very stupid mistake here, but thanks in advance for any help!


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    Hi Mikej117

    Did you make the 16x16 tiles separately or is everything in one project file? if the latter then you already have a single 32x32. You just need to export it as an image.

    If each tile is in a separate project file, then make a new project of 2x2 tiles with 16x16 width and height and copy each tile from the other documents into the new canvas. If you've exported the separate tiles to your desktop, then you can also choose to import them into your new document.
  • That actually helped quite a bit, thanks! Although I cannot quite figure out how to add different imported pictures into the same tileset. Any suggestions?
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    I would just
    1. open one of the separated projects, select the entire tile, then goto edit->copy.
    2. select the new project again and paste it onto the canvas.

    Something like this:

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