Import size limit?

I have a spritesheet that is 12 by 4 tiles, but when I want to import it I can only import a 11 by 3 section...! Is there anyway I can import the whole thing?


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    Hi aiat_gamer

    That shouldn't happen, are you sure you're importing the file correctly?
    Assuming you import the spritesheet as a "tiled image", you simply set the tilewidth and tileheight to what a tile should be.

    So for example if you import a 768x256 image which divided by 64 would give 12x4 tiles then you simply type in tilewidth: 64, tileheight: 64.

  • But when I try with my image, this is what I get:

    Here is the original image if you need it:
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    The dimensions of your image are odd numbered 395x131 which bugs the importer apparently, probably because each tile is 11.96x3.96 instead of 12x4

    You'll have to upscale or change it so it matches the dimensions of: 396x132 to make the importer work properly.
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