Annoying circle of doom


Today as been a very, very frustrating day for me, as I've tried to find for hours means of getting rid of the oh! so, SOOO annoying little circle that forms every time I try to get two pixels down in one swoop with my graphic tablet pen. I just can't take it anymore, I'm  out of patience, it won't let me draw anything unless I draw like 4-5 pixels wide. Any fewer than that and nothing happens except the circle. 

By the way, I've been doing every possible thing to get rid of it, looked for solution on youtube and google search, did 4-5 diffferent tutorials, nothing works. The reason why I think it is software related and not windows related is because I don't have this problem with either Photoshop or Aseprite, only in Pixel Edit.

Please, please fix this before I throw my tablet through the window.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi MarkyMarc

    Could you please upload an image or a footage of this these circles?
    Does it only happen with your tablet or can you reproduce the issue with a mouse?
  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
    You need to disable Windows' pen features.

    You find it by going into control panel, then from there into "programs", there you'll find a button/link that says something like "Enable/Disable Windows-functions". Click on that and you'll get a dialog with a tree structure, and there you'll have to find and uncheck said features.

    This was most notably an issue with Windows Vista and sometimes Windows 7. 8 I have no idea about and to my knowledge the problem is nonexistent in 10 because said features were not included in favor of newer tech.
  • Sure, here it is. It happens only with the tablet; mouse is fine.
  • @inkBot,

    I am on Windows 10. I already have disabled everything related to that still happens... That is why I'm so puzzled. Like I said above, the problem isn't present on Photoshop, Animate and Aseprite... only in Pyxel Edit. That is really weird.
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    Ah, okay, then you need to go into the Windows 10 settings and fix it that way. If you open the Windows 10-styled control panel (I have mine set to classic, so I have to manually open the W10 one) and search for pen in the search bar. You should find "Pen settings", or possibly "Pen & WIndows Ink Settings". In there, you should find a toggle option reading something like "Ignore input when I use the pen". Just toggle that to off and you should be fine. If it still happens after this, or you've already done this, I dunno man.

    My Windows isn't in english, but it should look something like this:

    The reason it isn't present in those other programs is most likely due to those programs having code in them that suppresses the features of the Windows pen featureset.

  • Yeah already done that... *sight* looks like I won,t be able to use pyxel edit :(
  • TheMnkTheMnk Posts: 35
    I have a bamboo tablet model MTE-450A.
    I do not have that problem, what I did for the annoying circles is to uninstall the driver and reinstall it, then activate and deactivate control panel options related to the tablet.
    The process is a bit confusing but in the end I got it and now I do not see any annoying circles.
  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
    That's a fair point. It could be a driver that's functioning, but not behaving as it should.
  • Having the exact same problem! I've done every tutorial online to fix the problem. The circle doesn't appear in any other application of mine (I use Photoshop mostly). The weirdest part is that I have been using pixel edit for months now and this is a new problem for me. I swear it hasn't been doing this until recently... and only in Pyxel Edit
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    Sorry about this. Not sure what the problem is, but the one thing you can try in Pyxel Edit is to turn on "touch input" in the settings. That will use the AIR touch events instead of the mouse events. Maybe it helps with tablet input aswell. You might need to restart the application for it to get applied.
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    edited February 2018

    Same here... At first I didn't have this problem, it happenend over night, without anything new on my side... didn't change my set up or anything...
  • MarkyMarcMarkyMarc Posts: 6
    edited February 2018
    @Danik the touch input didn't change anything... :(
  • @MarkyMarc Right!!! Ok I'm not crazy. Zero changes and the circle of doom materialized from nowhere. I've been powering through it as best I can but its super annoying and time consuming when a pen stroke all of a sudden color picks in stead of making a fine stroke. And yeah the touch input setting didn't change anything. 
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