Is PyxelEdit still being developed?

I'm asking because I recently started learning pixel art and wanted to try PyxelEdit for it, since I got a paid version from HB. 
Looking at the changelog, last update was in March and they seem very stretched out. So here are my questions:

1. Is PE still in active development?
2. If yes, how many people are working on it? Are you looking for someone to help with development?
3. If not, have you thought about open-sourcing the project?


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    Hi TommyTheITGuy

    1. No idea, haven't heard from @Danik  for some time, though he still responds to message on his twitter, so I would assume yes. PyxelEdit is just a pet project as far as I know, so he usually only works on it when he feels like it.
    2. Only @Danik is working it
    3. I've suggested this idea before, ie. via github or something but last time he wasn't sure... though that was a long time ago.

    Try to ask him on twitter
    He's usually quite fast to answer there, compared to the forum which I moderate.
  • anything new happening with the software or are we going into abandonware ? 
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    I would love it so much if it was open sourced on github! I keep seeing that the community loves the software and I'm sure there's other people like me that would love to give a helping hand to fix bugs, develop new features, etc.
  • I'd work for @Danik, to add more functionality and features - without even asking for a penny :D and I'd be 100% fine for all the income and credit going to @Danik! But there is one problem, I am not this advanced programmer!

    Haha, I am sure there are lots of more people here that would do this for free. Just out of love for Pyxeledit ^_^!
  • I have to agree, as much as I love this software, it's starting to feel a little bit abandoned. I love it but I'm a little afraid I'm one bad windows update from this thing being broken and that'll be that
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    I must admit to a growing concern myself. Danik has been very active and responsive to the forums for as long as I've been here, so the extended absense is disconcerting.
  • Yeah, it's been awhile and there are still a few bugs and missing features which could really elevate the app to another level. Might be switching to Aseprite this week. Pyxel Edit has been in development since 2013? Need a more stable software for the work I do. :/ it's a shame. 
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    It's still in development, with bug fixes and major cool stuff coming. Danik has been very busy, and although I'm helping out a bit here and there, I'm also very busy. I recently added this feature: Just need to tidy it up around the edges a bit but it will be in the next release.

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't responded in a while. I understand your concerns since it was such a long time since the last update. I've just had another period where I've had too much to do with work, and my free time has been eaten up by other commitments.

    There has been some progress though. Mostly bug fixes but also some features and usability fixes. I've made some progress at implementing multi-tile selection/drawing, but it requires some refactoring that needs me to work focused on it for some time to get it right. I've also started implementing a palette manager that lets you save and manage palette presets, set the default etc.

    Joe has also helped me out by starting implementing the tile instance offsetting demonstrated above. I think this feature can be really powerful for certain animation work, and I'm excited about releasing it when it's ready!

    I'm trying to find a solution where I can work part time at my day job for a while to be able to focus more on Pyxel Edit, so far they haven't agreed on it, but I think the workload will be a bit less going forward, so hopefully that works out.

    In any case rest assured I'm still determined to keep working on and improving the application. Maybe I should do a smaller update soon with just the bug fixes and smaller features that are ready? What do you think?
  • I'd say at least small updates for bug fixes if you can, it's better to see something than nothing. Though I do know how satisfying it is to just slam down a huge update that is game changing, it's best to at least show its still alive. 

    I do get you have other responsibilities and honestly I have felt this weight more and more as I get older so don't think for a second I'm not sympathetic. Life's an ugly balancing act like that. 

    Either way, it's good to see you back in action even if it's just got a moment. I'm looking forward to trying out updates that come along in the future and to continue using this tool as long as it's supported! 

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    Thanks AlphaGamesRob, I appreciate the support. I will try my best to get a smaller update out soon, probably this weekend.
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    Nice to hear that things are still moving along. Out of curiosity, did you get any good idea of whether or not a 64-bit executable is possible? The topic came up in one of my threads, figured I'd check in on that
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    I did manage to get a build running with the beta 64 bit runtime, but it didn't really seem to help with the memory limit issues. I just checked though, and it looks like a new beta was released just last week, so I'll give it another shot!
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    Looking forward to it, keep up the good work!
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    Happy to see you back! I use PyxelEdit diary so any little update to fix minor bugs is always welcome :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Thanks @DiVeR ;and @Haplo.

    The new version is now available for download that fixes some common crashes and other issues.

    I tried the AIR28 64bit beta release, and it was promising! I didn't have any issues making documents that took up 5 GB or more RAM. So I also uploaded an experimental 64 bit build that you can download from the license page.
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    JoeCreates @Danik - Did new feature showed here is in this release?
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