Image Exporting to .PNG becoming blurry

Hello there, 
 So I have been using this program for a solid 6 days and have become accustomed to using some of the tools. I drew an image of an old mall that now has been rebuilt into something new and when I go to export and review the .png, when I zoom in a little bit, it become blurry. I try all the pixel scaling and still blurry. I don't know if this is because I completed the document as a tiled document or animation and not as a single image document but whatever the case may be, it bugs me. 

 Another weird thing, when I open the .png into Adobe Photoshop and I zoom in, it is nice and crisp with no blurs. Completely weird and if anyone could answer this, that would be much appreciated. 


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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    Hi PurplePikachu

    Hard to say what's going on. There was another guy some time ago which reported something similar, though I haven't experienced anything like this, but if you open the exported image in photoshop and it looks correct, then it's likely not a problem with PyxelEdit. What's the dimension of the canvas? 
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