First try to Pyxel art, Character running cycle [Advices]

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Hello lovely people,

Here goes my very first attempt with pixel art. It is a running cycle for a character.

The colors are "extreme" because I found easier to figure out the cycle if the contrast is high. I will change it if I decide to use it later.

Could you give me some advice's about my animation?? Thanks a lot!


Finally I was able to figure out how to upload the image!


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    That's a pretty good running cycle, animation wise I feel like your head needs a bit more sub animation though. It looks like you know the concept but anyway here's a good page about it.
  • Thanks dude, here it goes the idle animation, still working on it but I am following your advices: Subtle pyxel animation :smile:

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    That's a good start You could get even more expression out of those five frames though :)

    Here's some feedback:
    The length of his feet are not consistent, unless you're trying to add depth by for example pointing his foot a bit towards the viewer, I would make them look the same. His right kneecap is lower than the left, from an anatomical perspective they would in most cases be horizontally aligned in the given pose. 

    As for the animation, you should avoid the use of extra colors. Use the colors in your palette and experiment with the pixel placement. 

    Here are two examples of what I've been able to achieve.
    Sprite-sheet in case you want to use or study it :)

    A less dynamic one, this one probably gets closer to what's you're going for.

  • Wow, such a detailed feedback. I love your answer, thank you.
    I like the way your animations flows, it is like your animation had more frames than mine somehow.

    Since my last update i did some changes to improve the animation. It is not as smooth as yours, but is better than the first one  IMHO.

    Working of firing animation in the moment, I'll post it soon.
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    Hello, new animation, this time... firing!

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    Once again, it's a start ;)

    You could make it look more impactful and expressive using the previous technique again. Also, I don't think you gain anything from shading the muzzle flash like that, limit yourself to only one red and yellow color :)

    here's some quick visual feedback:

    disregard his left hand, in the version above, as it makes no sense... you would put it beneath the barrel.

    frenzy fire

    The possibilities are endless ;)
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