Did I made a mistakes?

Hi people! new user here, recently i brought Pyxel Edit using the bitcoin option (i dont have paypal account) and i just wondering how much do i have to wait until i get my key on my email?. I think i made a mistake  buying this tool without a humble bundle account and already sent the bits to the respective bit address.

Thanks and sorry for any grammar error, english is not my native language :)


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    Hi Nermak

    You usually get your key almost right away, but given that you paid with bitcoins maybe it's different.

    Try one of these options:
    Use this page to resend your Humble order mail: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender
    If you bought Pyxel Edit previously using only PayPal you can use this page to request it again: http://pyxeledit.com/get/resend.php

    Otherwise, please send an email to support@pyxeledit.com.
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    Thanks for your reply, Candyface. I've already sent a email to support@pyxeledit.com. I used the resender link from humble bundle but they sent me a "we do not have any orders on record for this email address." message  :/

  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Did you try the other resend link as well?
    Anyway if you've contacted support, then you'll likely get it sorted :)
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