Noise function desperately needed

Got Pyxel Edit through the Humble Bundle and love it already. Great tool. However, for each sprite I have to export it to GIMP and add noise there. Couldn't you add this feature to Pyxel Edit? What I am thinking of is simply a variation of the fill bucket, you still pick a basic color and then a brightness distance value; when clicking each pixel of the filled area will have a random value based on base and brightness distance. This allows to e.g. simulate foliage in trees without clicking each pixel. Or it helps creating mud or grass with low pixel resolution.

Thanks and keep up the good work


  • Yeah, dithering would be a cool thing to add. Though what I had in mind is more of a "pattern fill" like in old dpaint and many other amiga/atari st pixelart programs (and even gimp). This would give much more flexible result, especially if patterns could be colored.
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