multiple opacity for single layer

im asking for this souly to make shadows easier to manage (tho im sure it has countless other uses). it would be amazing to have my object and its opaque shadow on the same layer, but i see no simple way to do this

i would recommend adding it as a feature to the wand/ select tool.

side request- free form select tool (the way it is now is irritating to use)


  • Why do you want the shadow on the same layer as the object? Just use one layer for all your shadows and another for your object. If you really want everything on one layer, then make a second layer, draw the shadow and merge the layers. I don't see any benefit in having multiple opacity sliders for one layer, or having an opacity slider being tied to selected pixels.
    To me it seems like you're taking a simple task and making it more complicated for no particular reason. 

    A free form selection tool would be nice though.
  • i tried merging down but that only works if the tile with the shadow has a solid object on the same tile the merging layer(unless im using it wrong). if i later want to change the opacity of the object making the shadow (say for example its tinted glass, or a ghost) i would have to go through the process all over to avoid making the shadow lighter as well. (as an example to see any benefit)
    and as for "taking a simple task and making it more complicated" i ask you which sounds harder-
    1. draw
    2. make another layer
    3. draw shadow
    4.decrease opacity
    5. put shadow and object on same tile
    6. merge layers


    1. draw object and shadow
    2. select shadow
    3. decrease opacity
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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    If you need to make post changes to the shadows, then don't merge until you absolutely have to or do not merge at all. Again, I see no reason why you need to merge your layers, they have no meaning when you export them later, only when you edit them in PE.

    It's true that in theory that sounds easier but if you do it in practice, then you often have your first layer and possibly other details added already at that state in your sprite drawing process, thus the process is more like:
    1. make a second layer/select shadow layer
    2. draw shadow or whatever
    3. adjust opacity.

    The benefit in such a feature is simply not big enough to me to support such a feature request, but that's just my opinion :)

    as for merging your layers, did you use "Merge with next down" or "Apply to next down"? the latter affects opacity while the former doesn't.

    Alternatively if you really want everything on one layer, then you could do something like:
    1. Select your shadow
    2. erase the content inside 
    3. adjust brush opacity and fill it.

    If your shadow does not share color with anything else on the canvas, then you could also make use of the replace current color feature. The process would then be:
    1. select shadow color
    2. goto color->replace current color
    3. adjust alpha
  • demonlightdemonlight Posts: 27
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    i thought the opacity would be able to transfer to game maker :\
    also, niether merge or apply work if the shadow is the only thing in the tile (the shadow of one object i have spans 4 tiles in total due to the angle of light source)
    i understand your side ove the argument, but stand with my opinion. if anything i would like to make an addendum- allow opacity to be carried over (tho that one may be impossible without changing the program its receiving. i dont know code, im just the artist)
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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    What happens when you merge or apply? I can't seem to reproduce any abnormal behaviour, no matter what I have on my shadow or object layer.
  • demonlightdemonlight Posts: 27
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    i have my shadow above my details layer (trees, big rocks, ect) then i merge down and place my shadows which are now solid.
    and please dont tell me i need to place them down before. the whole point is to be able to place them whenever
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