Draw while animating

Have you seen the new Game Maker Studio 2 image editor? This drawing while animating feature looks really great, it would be awesome if it would be available in pyxeledit.


  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
    That's an interesting feature. Not sure how useful it would be for anything other than static objects and special effects, but it's definitely interesting.
  • Please add this pyxel 
  • TheMnkTheMnk Posts: 35
    I do not think this feature is urgent right now.

    In the version that is the program I think there are other things more important to solve / add.
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    edited December 2016
    I agree with TheMnk, while the feature is somewhat interesting, I find other matters more important than adding features to the animation system that does nothing PE can't do already albeit faster. I don't think it fits with the way the animation system works either but that's just a speculation I have.
  • interesting but unnecessary. the current animation could use some improvement, but i dont think this is the direction it should go
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