Grouping Layers

I've searched for a bit around the forums for this, love to have the ability to group my existing layers so that i can copy say 6 layers to the next frame and not doing it one by one, having split my sprite into 6 layers for ease of animation, this would help a bunch!


  • This is the one feature I want more than anything.  I'd settle for a copy all layers if grouping is more difficult.
  • That would be amazing.
  • This. This right here!
  • Layer groups (and the ability to both select and copy-paste all layers contained in a given layer group) has come up a lot in the Feature Requests section--this would be so useful for so many people that I think this should be a priority for the next update, even if it's annoying to implement. (Just my opinion, of course!)
  • Yes layers copy - paste feature  would be huge upgrade .I wouldnt need to use another pixel software just to make animations .Cmon Danik we know u can do it.
  • Agree!
  • +1 for this feature. This is the main drawback of pyxelEdit right now. Such a pity.
  • I would very much like this feature as well... Both for organising, but also to be able to turn off visibility of multiple layers at the same time, as well as copying content of multiple layers.
  • Creating different scenes (screens? levels?) when working with tilesets would be much easier with layer organization :)
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