Linux version?

ZedZed Posts: 16
Hi. Did Pyxel Edit have linux version too?


  • ZugbugZugbug Posts: 1
    The latest release, 0.4, the wine binary works very well with wine. Download the windows zip, extract it and then just run `wine PyxelEdit.exe`
  • ZedZed Posts: 16
    Good news ;] Ty for info ;]
  • You'll need the windows adobe air binary for pyxel edit to work.
    You'll need to use wine or some equivalent to use pyxel edit on Linux, I suggest using Gentoo, Arch, or Ubuntu for a linux distro. :)

  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    edited September 2016
    While not officially supported, it is possible to install AIR on linux. They talk a bit about it in this reddit thread

    If you don't feel like experimenting with such, then wine is the only alternative.
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