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ThndrThndr Posts: 15
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Since it's built on Air it should be able to be ported to the mobile (tablets at least) sector with hopefully not too much hassle. I know you switched over to a UI-lib and did a just-for-fun test on your phone, but is there any plans for a release for android down the line?


  • DanikDanik Posts: 897
    Yes, I don't have any definite plans but I sure would be interesting to try at some point.
  • ThndrThndr Posts: 15
    Awesome. It's a rather low priority thing so no rush :P.

    I would love to do more on my tablet for development. Now to get someone to make a BFXR android port.
  • BubelBubel Posts: 2
    Any news about Android version on this end?
  • AsixJinAsixJin Posts: 1
    Any news on this...Android is lacking of good Pixel art apps and tablets/phones are great for quick arting on the good. The iphone had a great app that work great with my tools (Unity3d, Pyxel Edit, Paint and the app was called Sprite Something). 
  • kheftelkheftel Posts: 7
    I absolutely love sprite something on iOS! I haven't found anything comparable on Android.

  • vedioboyvedioboy Posts: 30
    The best I found (in my opinion) is Pixels Touch. Very simple and not many features. Doesn't have any animation, no tiles, but at least it supports color palettes and a few other features. I will have to try some others again though, maybe there are new updates. But yea I would LOVE to have PyxelEdit on my tablet. As long as the layout of everything is ported well :) because I tried PyxelEdit on a Windows 8.1 tablet and the buttons and stuff are way too small atm for that.
  • DelahDelah Posts: 18
    As an Apple user I would like an Pyxel Edit iPad app. I'm using Pixaki on my iPad but I would rather use PE on it.
  • ZeshioZeshio Posts: 6
    I have a galaxy note 5 and it would be pretty sweet to have something close to Pyxel Edit on mobile, maybe like a tile a screen, and I could use my pen, that's be pretty sweet. Upload to google drive and done!
  • Something using the "dotpict" (android app) system would be great -> A cursor wo move by moving the finger and a button for coloring the pixel
  • MiLO83MiLO83 Posts: 4
    I could really use Pyxel Edit on Android.
    Have you looked into this lately?
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