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I would love to have a possibility to sort the colors manually, much like in GraphicsGale or a bit like the tileset sorting we already have.

The best thing would be a Grid like in GGale with 256 color slots and you can move and clone them etc.

Here is a picture from a color palette I used in GraphicsGale while helping out on a game:


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    Yeah, this would be a much better way. I haven't worked on the palette management for a very long time and it needs improving (it's 2 steps down from a working selection tool on my todo-list).
    Right now it's an unlimited list of colors, but maybe it would be a good idea of having a fixed number of swatches like in GG. It would certainly be easier to structure your colors if you can move them to arbitrary positions. (just being able to drag n drop to rearrange colors would be a huge improvement too)

    Sadly I'm currently very busy with school work so progress will be slow during the next couple of weeks. :/
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    Thanks man! No worries! It works wonderfull without it, just looking for parts that can be improved in the future. :)
  • And, will be best, if can change rows/cols of pallete, like tilesets now.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 800
    Yeah, maybe the width and total number of swatches should be configurable.
  • I second that
  • image
    @WeslomPo or anyone:
    How do you make such a nice color palette, with different HUE and Sat levels in PyxelEdit??
    Note I'm a real noob to making my own art and using paid version of PyxelEdit.
    But I'm struggling to make my own palette, with good hue's saved, etc

    Please help me.

    Hope this is correct section.
  • Boysano, i get it from google "Fallout2  pallete" ^_^
    There are many sites that allow you to share palettes, try to find them. For example: from adobe. If you have iOS device, There is a app where you may create own palete from your phone cam. - nice tool to create palete from any images - tool for selection of complementary colors

    Pyxel can import palete from png file in menu. Also thats tool can create pallete from any image what you import (but large images can drop programm). Than sort it by menu items.
  • Thanks so much, that helps me alot!
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    Thanks for the tool links like the one alot! :D
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