How can I draw a 200x200 circle?

I tried using the circle brush but it only allows me to go up to 36x36. Is there some way to drag and resize it to 200x200?


  • I believe the maximum brush size limit is going to be increased in the next version, so currently there is no way to do this.
    However, you can work around it by drawing a 200x200 circle in MSPaint or another image editor, then copy/pasting it to Pyxel Edit. This is what I do for big circles.
  • There is no way to draw circle that big in PE atm. What i normally do is to use the shortcuts for increasing brush size, to make it larger than 36 pixels, though it doesn't say how large anywhere. Like willpowered said, you might want to use a another program for that task and import it into PE.
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