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I was trying to buy Pyxel Edit through amazon, but I had an issue with my account on amazon and had to back out of the payment system a few times so I could fix it. Except now, it wont let me buy the program at all, saying that I have made too many requests in a short period of time. The last time I tried it was yesterday, so I don't know if I have to wait longer or what.  Is there a way I can be removed from that list or something?  I am really interested in this program and its a little irritating not being able to buy it.


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    Hi Rutherford

    If you have been told that you have made too many requests in a short period of time, then should maybe wait a day or something... I'm not sure whether Danik (the developer) has access to anything else than receiving money from the amazon payment system.

    When was the last time you tried purchasing it and how long did you wait between your tries? usually such messages should stop showing after only a few minutes, but depending on the service, it might vary greatly. 
  • Thanks for the reply CandyFace

    The last time I tried buying it was around noon today (Mountain time), so about four or five hours ago.  Before that, I tried to purchase it last night at around four or five maybe.  I'll try waiting a full day though before I try it again, thanks for the help! :)
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    Interesting... If you aren't able to buy it still, then you could try to contact Danik and maybe figure out some other way to pay or contact amazon and see if they can help you.

    You can find Danik's contact information on the About page, if you go back to the "Home" page. 
    His email should be near the bottom.

    I hope you get the problem solved soon and aboard ;)
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    In connection with the sanctions on the line can not buy the program, is there an alternative method?
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623

    There is only one way atm. and that is by purchasing it using amazon pay. If that doesn't work for you, which it sounds like, then you might also want to contact the developer and ask for some other way.
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    Thanks for the answer. bought through the Tor Browser :) sanctions such sanctions;)
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