Keep track of export location/filename

I keep my .pyxel source files in a different directory than the tileset .png files, and it'd be very, very convenient and time-saving to have Pyxel Edit keep track of where I last exported, so that I don't have to browse each time I want to export the tileset.

Keep up the great work, by the way; Pyxel Edit is a really great product. :)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Yes, it should remember the last path used. The functionality is in the program but it looks like it is not hooked up to the tile export properly. I will fix it for the next release!
  • Looking forward to this little fix! This was the very issue I ventured into the forums to investigate.

    Love the program, best $9 I've ever spent! It's replaced GIMP as my default editor for my creation of pixel art because it's just so simple to use.
  • falofalo Posts: 3
    I'd like to see this one as well.  At the moment it doesn't seem to happen across any of the exports.  I'd love to see it remember all export settings on a per-file basis, in the same way Inkscape does.  Would greatly help workflow.
  • +1! :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Is it better to remember separate export paths for the different types of exports per document, or does it make more sense to use one path for all exports?
    Should this be saved with the document or should it default to the document location when you close and open it again? It feels a bit weird to have state like this stored in the document, for example when putting it in version control or moving it to a different computer, so maybe it should only be remembered during the session and default to the document directory?
  • For me personally, it'd be much more useful to have it save the export path information inside the file itself (and if the path doesn't exist-- say, after being loaded onto another computer-- to just default to the source file's directory).  Using relative paths would probably be the best way to go about it, because then it'd still apply to the case where two people are working with the file and sharing the project via source control.

    Remembering the path only during the session would still be useful, but not as useful, in my case personally.
  • falofalo Posts: 3
    Relative paths remembered on a file by file basis.  Perfect for source controlling your project and then bringing it out somewhere else with the same workflow.  I'm indifferent on the subject of all exports vs per export, but then I've never encountered that need.

    I'll point at Inkscape again and suggest looking at the Inkscape command line tools.  Because that sort of information is stored in the files, I can also write scripts using Inkscape at the command line to do all sorts of automated build & deploy operations.  It might be something you want to look into in the future, and so doing the export location storage now may help that become an easier thing when / if you do!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    The upcoming release now remembers export paths per document, and across sessions.
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