=__Just another suggestion__=

Good day, greatful PyxelEdit Users and Developer(s),
I've been using PyxelEdit for about a week and I have to mention, it's a really awesome tool. ( I had no real interest into Pixel Art, since it always looked like so much effort until I discovered this here  )

A little idea came up to my mind yesterday, for a new feature I'd like to suggest and also Request for!  o 
Some kind of a tool/function/mechanic that allows you to create like a smaller virtual mini project/or micro edit on a single pixel or XX pixels which have only 1 tile[per pixel] at any size of X by Y  the user woul'd like to have.

Reasons why I am suggesting this:
-It could prevent the re-creation of the entire World/Project/Character/etc. the User have already done.
-It would have a customization ability which saves the extra process of using some kind of a photoshopping tool, on which you would have to import the image/project there, make the changes you want to make and than save/export the image.
-It would make the Entire Programm even more Unique appealing and also add another reason for the 2D animator/dev/etc. to use this instead of any other Pixel-2D editing/animating tool!

best regards!


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