Format file for work in other software.

Hi, like the title say i just want to request a format file for work in other graphics software and other pixel art software, i love this but the format file are just for this one and if i want to work with asepite for example i just can use jpeg format and are to bad to edit the work... please make one more universal and preserve the editing option, or create the same format file to work in other programs and add it in export option, like PSD option from photshop i can import them in Corel and Gimp! 


  • DanikDanik Posts: 788
    Hi! You can export as PNG, which is supported by virtually all graphics applications. If you need to preserve layers you can use the "Layers as separate files" option.
  • ProzacDGProzacDG Posts: 4
    Yeah but thats is not the best way to work....
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