Should i buy Pyxel Edit???

Hello, im a student who programm some games. Now my question is, should i stay at PISKEL or should i buy Pyxel edit?
Thx for every answer.


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    Hi der-Herrscher200

    Well that's totally up to you to decide :) 

    PyxelEdit comes with an editor that utilizes tiles for tilemap design and animation, it's different but intuitive. 
    It's got a really nice shading extension for choosing colors that fits well together, so if that's not your strength either, then that can be really powerful too. 
    it doesn't have a dither tool (though there is a possible workaround), nor anything comparable to Piskel's lighten tool and no lasso tool either.

    Piskel on the other hand is free, so if you like it and don't need mentioned features, especially for tiling, then you should probably stay, unless you still want PyxelEdit.
  • Thx for the help, i think i will buy Pyxel Edit  :) 

    See you, der-Herrscher ^^
  • Can i buy it in Germany? i would pay trough PayPal 
  • That is like saying "Should I eat dinner tonight?"
    I don't think there's any better value ESPECIALLY at their price.  I think this is the most useful thing I have ever spent money on.
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