Copy and paste issue

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1) Fantastic app well worth the money.

2) Hate to have my first post asking for a resolution...does anyone know a work around for the copy and paste issue on Mac? i.e. you can copy once and then it never seems to work again. its slowing me down greatly


  • DanikDanik Posts: 786
    Hi there,
    Do you have the latest version? (0.3.104)
    I thought I had fixed this issue...
  • Yeah I have the latest version.

    TBH it looks like it was me being a melon. 

    I was using the marquee tool to mark an area, then clicked into the selection(showing the resize options) and then copying and pasting using that selection. Seems to work perfect at the moment if I just cmd + v when I have just marked the area and not clicked.

    Cheers for the reply. Great app! :0

  • DanikDanik Posts: 786
    Aha, no worries, good to hear it's working.
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