Is this a bug? The same tile in many different states

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See how these are all the same tile, yet some look different from the others?  It's my understanding that this shouldn't be possible.  I only have one layer visible.  I got in this state by using the marque tool and selecting across multiple tiles, then hitting the delete key.

My intention was to remove certain tiles from the canvas (I realize now that's not the right way to do it).  But, now I'm not sure how to do that.  What's the best way to remove tiles from the canvas? I've been creating a new blank tile by hitting the plus button in "Tiles" dialog, then placing that on top of the tiles I want to clear.


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    Yes, that seems to be a bug. I'll look into it, thanks.

    To remove tiles you can select an unmapped tile and place that.
    There is a button "Select clear tile" in the tileset that should select a clear tile you can use to "erase" tiles, but unfortunately there's a bug that makes it clear the contents of the current tile. So this kind of inconvenient to do currently until it gets fixed (which should be next release).
  • tieTYTtieTYT Posts: 16
    OK thanks for the info
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