Pyxel Sizes

I want to create 4 iterations of a new character: 
  • 128x128 pixels - size
  • 64x64 pixels - size 
  • 32x32 pixels - size 
  • 16x16 pixels - size
I go to new document in Pyxel and I am guessing total image size is the pixel size?



  • What about PhotoShop imports or convert???
  • Hi afriendlycow

    if you intend to animate your characters, then "tile width" and "tile height" would be the size of each tile in pixels. so for example if you wanted to animate your 128x128 character in 4 frames, then you would select "tile wide": 4, "tile high": 1, then set "tile width": 128, and "tile height": 128

    f you select "Single image document" then you just have width and height in pixels of the whole canvas. 

    About your second question, it is not possible to import .psd files, only png, jpg and gif
  • Like this??? Please correct me, if I am incorrect. :smile: 

  • Basically, I reverse my numbers input boxes. the Number of tiles W4xH4 and Tile W128xH128. I was half asleep when I posted it. Now I am rested I seen what I've miss understood. Thanks

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