How do I take a tile I've edited and add it to the "Tiles" window?

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I imported a tileset, added a new layer, modified it a bit.  Now I want to be able to reuse it.  I can't figure out how to put my modifications back into the "Tiles" window.  Can someone explain how to me?  Here's a screenshot:


  • tieTYTtieTYT Posts: 16
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    I figured it out.  It's ctrl+left click when you have the tile tool selected.  The tool tip help text for that was not clear to me.  It says, "to duplicate tile in the canvas".  Isn't that a typo?  There's one that says "Right click to pick tile from canvas".  In that tool tip, canvas seems to mean, "what you're drawing on".  In the ctrl+click one it seems to mean, "The tile window". 
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Yea, the tile tool is a bit hard to understand and use. I have plans to rework it, for example making it easier to make modifications on a second layer and merge with tiles underneath without losing the mappings. It is after all one of the most important tools in the application. I will see if I can rewrite the tool tip to make it easier to understand.
  • tieTYTtieTYT Posts: 16
    Sounds good.  I think it should be renamed to something like, "Ctrl+Click to duplicate tile in the Tile Window"
  • noionoio Posts: 17
    The tile tool is actually really useful and powerful, I just constantly have to refer to the tooltip to remember how the 5 different modes work :D. I might just write it on a sticky and paste it to my monitor haha.
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